The Local Advisory Council: Who We Are

A Local  Advisory Council is created pursuant to the Municipal Act and its role is to provide advice to the Minister of Community Services on matters of concern to the community and its residents. It does this by seeking input from the community on specific issues and communicating this to the Minister. This is normally done through scheduled monthly meetings, ad hoc meetings called as required, and an ongoing electronic communication through the website or emails using a distribution list.

A LAC exists in only unincorporated communities and has no regulatory or other authority to pass bylaws. All matters pertaining to the governance of the community fall to the Territorial Government under the applicable territorial legislation. The Tagish Advisory Council has been in place since 1995 and consists of 6 members; 5 elected every three years representing the community at large. The 6th is a representative of CTFN, appointed by the Chief in Council.

One member is designated as the Chair and as such is responsible for conducting the meetings. Public meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at the Community Hall and the agenda is posted  the week prior to the meeting. The position of Council Administrator is responsible for  ongoing management of council business and takes minutes at monthly meetings.